What you say v What you don’t say

4 July 2014 / Copy, Design /

You might not remember what our old website looked like.


It had lots of light bulbs flying around. A moving background. Quite a bit of orange and loads of pages with long, detailed content. Can’t picture all that? Here’s a screenshot:


Our old website

It was absolutely where we were a few years ago when we were still discovering our brand personality and flexing our muscles as a creative agency. (Before that we were a publishing company, so as you can imagine we looked and sounded a lot different back then.)


But now we’ve got the experience and confidence to say things simply and show them plainly, without losing the meaning. Expressing things clearly and concisely, in words and pictures, is what’s guided a big part of the revamp of our tone of voice, business documents, tenders and brochures.


Getting to the point
The next step was to get that style to work on our website which had over 50 separate pages, all with high word counts. At the risk of not saying something and our reader assuming we didn’t do it, we said everything.


But who wants to wade through pages and pages of stuff, just to find that one little nugget that’s relevant to them? No one. Talking about utterly everything in the hope there’s something in it for everyone is, well, lazy.


It doesn’t work because it relies on your reader doing the editing. And when the average person’s visit will be somewhere between 10 and 20 seconds, there’s just no time. At any rate, what are the chances of them even noticing that thrown-in buzzword or extra sentence that mentions topic X among all the other stuff that doesn’t matter to them? They’ll go somewhere that gives them what they’re looking for in one focused, easy-to-read article instead.


Who cares?
So when we started planning the new structure and content for our new website, we decided that what we don’t say is just as important as what we do say. Asking questions like ‘Who cares?’ really helps. (If it’s just for your own ego, leave it out.)


Now, each page is focused on a topic or two we think our visitors might be interested in. You’re never going to find every page relevant, but hopefully a good chunk of our site will talk more directly to you, and with more meaning, than our old one did.


And of course if there is ever anything we mention on our site that you want to hear more about, you only need to ask!