Talent Management branding

Leadership Academy is an organisation that develops NHS staff to improve the health and experiences of their patients.

Talent Management is one branch of what the Leadership Academy does. This means they identify staff with talent they want to use, and staff with talent that could be nurtured or used better elsewhere.

But this aspect of the Leadership Academy wasn’t particularly structured. People weren’t aware it existed – there was no single pack of information that explained the programme, its purpose and how to apply it.

The identity we created for Talent Management complements the Leadership Academy’s wider brand. We took the key colours from the tools used to identify talent, then used them in a logo that symbolises direction, improvement and inclusivity.

The new brand was then applied to a complete pack of tools about the Talent Management programme to help team leaders nurture NHS talent.

  • Date: 05/06/2014
  • Client: NHS Leadership Academy

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